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Zing Health

2025 Certification Opens July 25, 2024

2025 product certification can be accessed within the EvolveNXT platform. Current agents will receive an email from

Q: My personal information needs updated in the EvolveNXT platform. Can I change this myself? 

A: Yes! Please make sure to verify and update your profile information within the EvolveNXT platform. This should include your contact details as well as your banking information.

Q: I have not finished my 2024 onboarding and/or product certification. What will happen? 

A: You will be required to start over with the 2025 process. An email will be sent to you from with additional information. 

Q: Can I sell 2024 products after completing the 2025 certification?

A: Yes. The Zing Health 2025 product certification will allow you to sell Zing Health products for the 2024 plan year. Additionally, the Lasso Healthcare 2025 product certification will allow you to sell Lasso Healthcare products for the remainder of 2024. 

At this time, Zing Health and Lasso Healthcare do not have a Broker Portal. We do however, have a Broker section listed on the websites where you can access several resources. The links are listed above.

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