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Events & Webinars

2025 AEP Enrollympics

Get ready to elevate your game at Advocate Financials' 2025 AEP Agent Roadshow "Enrollympics"! October 1 starts your journey towards the OLYMPICS of the Medicare Sales Season, the Annual Enrollment Period! Join us this season as we transform the AEP Roadshow into a grand arena of knowledge, networking, and success preparing for what analysts are calling the largest Medicare Enrollment Season ever.


  • Exclusive Insights: Dive deep into multiple Medicare carriers' latest offerings, all in one place. Forge connections with industry leaders and like-minded agents poised to make an impact.

  • NEW Advocate Opportunity Multipliers: The Advocate national leadership will be coming to you to debut brand new technology, cutting edge resources, and ground breaking opportunities to take your agency to the next level amidst this historic market shift.


  • Big Industry Changes: Come hear from the experts regarding all the big changes to Medicare Part D and more.

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EVERY FRIDAY! Join Advocate Financials' Regional Sales Managers Tyler Fink and Jackson Saylor for AHIP Certification Support

Every Friday from 1 PM - 4 PM EST, you can join an online session with Advocate Financials' Regional Sales Managers Tyler Fink and Jackson Saylor who will assist you in preparing for you AHIP Certification with confidence. During this online session, you'll have access to real-time support who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have ensuring you get the help you need right away. Plus, your questions might help others in the group as well. 

6/30/2024: Master Hospital Indemnity Plans- Exclusive Training with Glen Witchey at 1 PM

Join Advocate Financials' Ancillary Sales Manager to master Hospital Indemnity Plans with GTL and Aetna products. Whether you're new to Medicare sales or looking to enhance you offerings, this session is crucial as we prepare for the 2025 Annual Enrollment Period.

EVERY FRIDAY! Join John Becker and Glen Witchey to Help Boost Your Sales & Profits

Every Friday at 10 AM EST you can join Advocate Financials' Co-Founder John Becker and Ancillary Sales Manager Glen Witchey who will give you invaluable tips and advice to help you boost your sales and maximize your profits. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the seasoned professionals and transform your approach to sales. Each session is designed to equip you with knowledge and tools needed to achieve you business goals. 

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