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​Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from Agents who have contracted through Advocate for their insurance carrier needs.

  • How do I get leads?
    Advocate will train you how to get leads in our thorough ProfitableProspects training course. Compliance is key to protect yourself in this regulated Medicare Insurance arena, and keeping you above board is a top priority for us as your partner. We do periodically receive carrier leads during the enrollment season, but never use it as an enticement. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Who is Advocate Financial Life & Health Brokerage?
    We are the independent insurance professional’s free expert consultant. Advocate Financial Life & Health Brokerage was started in 2009 by a father and son team with over 35 years experience specializing in Medicare Insurance, Life Insurance, and Annuity products and since then has grown to be one of the nation's foremost premier FMO marketing firms working with independent agents nationwide. As a national marketing firm (FMO/NMO/IMO), we recruit, contract, train, and support licensed insurance agents building their business, all at no cost to the agent. We have held a consistent “A+ Rating” with the Better Business Bureau for years - so you can partner with confidence knowing we are third-party verified and proven. And agent’s love working with us! See our testimonials. We are an Agent’s #1 Advocate, and a powerful catalyst for business growth.
  • I’m an agent at an agency that wants to add Medicare Insurance to our offering, how can I do that?
    By speaking with one of our team members we can determine how to setup your e-contracting. We work with agents across the country and every year they do this with tremendous success, since they have so many clients over 65, and they already have an established relationship. Whether a large or small agency, we have the resources, team members, and path to help make your new contract a great success.
  • Do you hand out free leads?
    Advocate coordinates with the carriers to help pay for 50-100% of your lead budget when you enter our VIP Agent Program (restrictions apply). We are your lead experts. We help agents develop robust pipelines of year round leads to fit any budget.
  • Is the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) the most lucrative time of year for agents to sell Medicare Insurance? Can I sell it year round?
    AEP is a booming bustling time for certified agents - and they love it. There are over 50 MILLION people on Medicare, and every year they need to review their plans with an agent to make sure they maximize their benefits and have the right fit. The problem is there is a shortage of licensed agents. This means big opportunity for the agents getting into the Medicare arena. During the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 - Dec. 7) seniors can change their insurance plan with the help of a certified agent. It’s a very busy time for licensed agents in the field, and one of huge growth. There are also year round selling windows, and that’s what makes this such a big opportunity for new revenue with great lifetime renewals. Seniors need your help.
  • I’m an independent agent, am I bound to using your carriers only?
    No. Working with Advocate you are 100% independent. We are just an extension of the insurance company helping you grow your business. You can pick and choose what carriers make sense with Advocate, and which don’t. We strive to earn all of your business, but it’s not a requirement.
  • Do you have a number of insurance carriers?
    We work with over 50 of the nation’s very best, top, industry-leading insurance carriers in the areas of Medicare Insurance, Life Insurance, Annuities and Ancillary Products. And the list grows every year as we are constantly evaluating markets and product environments. There are hundreds of carriers in the industry, but we don’t need them all - only the best ones. You’ll see that with our offering - reputable, reliable, with robust service & support units, agent friendly, and growth focused for you.
  • 10,000 Seniors turn 65 every day, needing an agent for Medicare Insurance correct?
    Yes, according to the Pew Research Foundation! Medicare Insurance is a rapidly-emerging, booming, niche that industry savvy agents are flocking to for real growth and to better serve their client and prospect base. There is a shortage of licensed agents and a surge in senior demand. The service requirements are low, the lifetime renewals are high, and the need is great. Now is the time to get involved, trained, and certified.
  • Who owns my book of business?
    You do, 100%. That’s not always the case with other FMOs. Again, working with Advocate is 100% free. We are your expert consultants at no cost to the agent. The insurance company compensates us for our time, based on results. You are 100% independent! It is a win-win. Some industry FMOs do not operate this way, and actually own your book of business. With Advocate, only you own your book of business, and you own the renewals, and you contract directly with the carriers. You also get paid direct. Our goal is to build you up and give you full control. There is no downside to working with an independent FMO. That’s why 9/10 agents do. It’s important to know this!
  • What makes Advocate Financial Life & Health Brokerage different from other organizations?
    Advocate has built its sterling reputation on integrity, unmatched service, fast-track training, 24/7 support, and seasoned expertise. We are proven, loyal to our partners, and committed to our agents - and it GREATLY sets us apart from a sea of other FMOs. Because of this passionate dedication to our agents - agents believe in us and see our relationship as a true, trusted partner helping them grow their business, and winning together. It’s the Advocate Advantage. We are honored to work with our agents. We are your free expert consultant.
  • Who pays my commissions?
    99% of the time you are contracted and paid direct from the company. That’s how we prefer it. We don’t want to be in the accounting business if we don’t have to be. A select few smaller carriers require us to pay out commissions, but it’s rare.
  • Advocate Financial Life & Health Brokerage is designated as an NMO/FMO/IMO. What is that?
    NMO - National Marketing Organization / FMO - Field Marketing Organization / IMO - Independent Marketing Organization. We are one of the nation’s highest producing marketing firms in the areas of Medicare Insurance for the top 5 largest carriers in the nation. We connect agents with the industry's leading products and insurance carriers and help them thrive. The team at ADVOCATE FINANCIAL Life & Health Brokerage has worked very hard over the years helping agents succeed, and is proud to be a part of this very short list of premier national marketing firms in this category.
  • How are you different from competitor FMOs?
    We are available 24/7/365 via phone and live chat. A huge, distinct advantage. And our support and expertise set us apart even further. We always have marketers on standby to help you help your clients and make sales. Where other FMOs take days or weeks to respond, we work in minutes or seconds. And we love agents! We see our relationship as a true partnership. We are in it for the long haul. Our goal is a lifelong relationship, and our actions show it. Give us a call or attend one of our upcoming local agent trainings and you’ll see why more agents are choosing Advocate. We are truly an agent’s #1 Advocate. We only succeed when you do. Our top goal is growing your business as your free expert consultants.
  • What does it cost to work with you?
    Zip, zero, zilch! There is no cost to work with Advocate. And YOU own 100% of your book of business. We are your free expert consultants. There are no fees, no hidden charges, no commission splits. The Insurance Companies compensate marketing companies like us for efforts training and support agents, and it’s completely free to the agent. That’s why nine out of ten licensed agents use FMOs (Field Marketing Organizations). FMOs are a thick extra layer or support, expert insight, top notch training, and provide marketing opportunities not provided by going direct to the insurance carriers.
  • Does enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Drug Plan automatically disenroll someone from their Medicare Supplement?
    No. Medicare Supplement companies do not coordinate with CMS in this way. You will have to cancel your supplement plan direct with the company.
  • What do I do if my member needs medication or medical services urgently but access to care is being obstructed with Humana?
    Access to care and critical time sensitive issues that need immediate attention should be called in to customer service for real time guidance and solutions. This will allow you to escalate the issue real time with a supervisor and or manager. 1-800-457-4708 (MAPD) 1-800-281-6918 (PDP) 1-800-866-0581 (Medigap/Med-Supp)
  • When can I sign up for Part A & B ?
    Click here for's full answer
  • What is compliant wording for my business card dealing with Medicare?
    You CANNOT say/or have on your card: • Medicare Expert (this is not a designation) • Medicare Agent • Or have the word “Medicare” in your title, generally speaking • $0 Premium, or other Benefit Information is prohibited also • Using company names will also require pre-approval You CAN use proper titling, and generic information such as: • Licensed Agent, Independent Agent, Insurance Adviser, AHIP CERTIFIED etc. • Specializing in Medicare Advantage, Supplements, Medicare Insurance, etc We recommend tag lines to generate business like: • Are you a veteran? • I greatly appreciate your referrals! • I specialize in : Medicare….Life Insurance…Annuities…etc. list all products • Phone number, Email is the cheapest place to get great business cards and magnets. Its super simple to make it on your own with their easy templates. For the most up to date information reference the Medicare Marketing Guidelines or AHIP.
  • How do I find Agent Support, Portal, Illustration, and other carrier information by company?
    The "Agent Support" section in our Agent Portal feature a plethora of resource links, creating a road map for agents ensuring ease of doing business with our exceptional carriers.
  • How is the Shingles Vaccine normally covered with MAPD health plans?
    The Shingles vaccine (Zostavax) is generally billed as a Tier 3 or 4 drug - depending on the plan - sometimes a Tier 3 (call Membership Services for specific member/specific plan verification). Most competitors are reported to bill it also as a Tier 3 or 4 - so it seems to be a level playing field when it comes to this benefit. There are rare circumstances where a client's doctor can contact Humana and request a "Tier Exception" making a case for the drug and downgrade it to a Tier lower, etc. With a Tier 3 or 4 drug there are often Deductibles (again depending on plan). Zostavax which is a new vaccine to prevent shingles is covered for PDP and MAPD members as Part D 60 years of age or older. Steps for Medicare payment for the Zoster vaccine outlined below. So a sample Shingle Shot purchase + administration would bill a client as the following - JANE DOE, Sample PPO Plan (completely hypothetical) : Stage 1 : Buying the Vaccine (Zostavax) : Hypothetical PPO Plan features $250 Deductible (Tier 4 and 5 only.) ~$200 - Total Cost of Shingles Vaccines (At a Pharmacy XYZ). Client Pays $200 since deductible was not met yet. Tier 4 Copay - a percentage (~$60-90 for this drug cost) normally charged is not applicable (since deductible not met, in this example). Stage 2 : Administering the Vaccine (Zostavax) : Recommended: Administration of the vaccine is generally free at large network pharmacies that have techs on staff that administer other vaccines (should call prior to ask of course). Not Recommended: If you receive it at a doctors office their very well might be an administration fee, and since the doctors can't bill Humana for drugs, Client will have to pay full price of drug and admin fee (normally all more expensive), then submit a claim form (with Doctor bill) to Humana for reimbursement. If you have any further questions please contact Humana Agent Support at 800-309-3163 or as mentioned above with specific BENEFIT questions by PLAN call in to Membership Services at (800)457-4708. Membership Services will be able to provide specific dollar amounts for services to be received. They are a great resource! To find out exactly what tier and pricing Zostavax is on your plan - go to
  • How do I save money on Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D Drugs?
    Click here to learn about the Medicare Savings programs, income limits and more. Click here to learn about saving money on Part D and Drugs :Click here
  • When can I buy a Medi-Gap (Medicare Supplement)?
    Buy a policy when you're first eligible The best time to buy a Medigap policy is during your 6-month Medigap open enrollment period, because you can buy any Medigap policy sold in your state, even if you have health problems. This period automatically starts the month you're 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). After this enrollment period, you may not be able to buy a Medigap policy. If you're able to buy one, it may cost more. During open enrollment Medigap insurance companies are generally allowed to use medical underwriting to decide whether to accept your application and how much to charge you for the Medigap policy. However, if you apply during your Medigap open enrollment period, you can buy any Medigap policy the company sells, even if you have health problems, for the same price as people with good health. Find your specific situation at Outside open enrollment : If you apply for Medigap coverage after your open enrollment period, there's no guarantee that an insurance company will sell you a Medigap policy if you don’t meet the medical underwriting requirements, unless you're eligible due to one of the situations below. In some states, you may be able to buy another type of Medigap policy called Medicare SELECT. If you buy a Medigap SELECT policy, you have rights to change your mind within 12 months and switch to a standard Medigap policy. Buy a policy when you're first eligible.
  • My Client has Tricare, should I enroll them in Medicare Advantage?
    In a nutshell, no. If you enroll a Tricare senior into MAPD it will make the MAPD plan primary largely eliminating the benefits of Tricare.
  • What's the difference between IEP and ICEP?
    ICEP : is for MA only, or if part A and B dates are different. (SEP: 3 Months Before Part B Eff. Date) IEP: if it's MAPD, or PDP only, or part a/b dates are the SAME. (SEP: 3 Months Before, Month of, and 3 Months after Part B Effective Date) Click here for a short video explaining! See Graph Below! Or Click Here for Graph ​ Initial Election Period (IEP) The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) refers to the first time an eligible person can enroll in the federal Medicare program. It’s a period that starts three months before the month of your 65th birthday, continues through your birth month, and lasts for three months after it. Signing up for Medicare during your IEP is one way for you to avoid any late-enrollment penalties. Most people are enrolled automatically ahead of their 65th birthday, but the IEP is the first time people can enroll manually if they have to. You also have the option of enrolling in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan at this time, as long as you are entitled to Medicare Part A or enrolled in Part B. Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP) This is the first time a newly eligible person can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan (also called Medicare Part C). Medicare Advantage plans are sold through independent insurance companies and must provide at least the same amount of coverage as Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. In order to “activate” your Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP), you have to be enrolled in both parts of Original Medicare. The ICEP can run parallel to the Initial Enrollment Period, if you enroll in both Medicare Part A and Part B when you are first eligible. Because you must pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part B, you can opt out of this coverage during your Initial Enrollment Period. Doing this means that you cannot enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. If you choose to enroll in Medicare Part B at a later date — for example, during the General Enrollment Period (January 1 — March 31) — then your Initial Coverage Election Period won’t begin until then. When you do enroll, the Initial Coverage Election Period will only be the three months prior to your Medicare Part B effective date. For example, if you enroll in Medicare Part B during the General Enrollment Period, it will be effective July 1 of that year. Your Initial Coverage Election Period to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan would be April 1 through June 30. If you get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (or certain disability benefits through the Railroad Retirement Board), your Medicare coverage begins on the 25th month of benefit receipt. Your Initial Coverage Election Period begins 3 months before the month your Medicare Part A and B coverage takes effect, and ends 3 months after the month of eligibility. For example, if your 25th month of disability is June, your Medicare Part A and Part B become effective June 1, so your Initial Coverage Election Period will be March 1 – September 30.
  • When is the Medicare Part B premium normally deducted?
    Normally on the 20th of each month.
  • Pertaining to a Medicare Supplement, what are Part B Excess Charges?
    If you have Original Medicare, and the amount a doctor of other health care provider is legally permitted to charge is higher than the Medicare-approved amount, the difference is called the excess charge.
  • I lost my iPad iMapa Humana e-app login info. How do i reset it?
    Resetting your login info is simple for Humana's ipad imapa app, just use this formula. Password and Login will be : PA$$ + today's date - (ie : 1005) for October 15th, so : "PA$$1005" - for login & password line...that will prompt you to reset it all. Call ASU at 800-309-3163 if tech issues persist!
  • How does Medicare Advantage work with Hospice?
    Once your hospice benefit starts, Original Medicare will cover everything you need related to your terminal illness, even if you choose to remain in a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare health plan. If you were in a Medicare Advantage Plan before starting hospice care, you can stay in that plan, as long as you pay your plan’s premiums. If you stay in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you can choose to get services not related to your terminal illness from either providers in your plan’s network or other Medicare providers.
  • I would like to sell Humana MAPD in other states, how do I get started?
    Applications are generic nationwide (e-app available too: via ipad or portal) Summary of Benefits can be ordered through ASU (800-309-3163) Or SOB can be printed at Drug Calculators, EOC's, Doctors, and Networks info can be found there also! ( Make sure to submit your license for that state and follow up (Fax to : 920-339-2160)
  • What is allowed in terms of branded and generic marketing materials?
    Marketing Materials Agents create and use a variety of marketing materials to advertise Medicare Advantage and Part D products. These include, but are not limited to, letters, postcards, posters, brochures, scripts, radio and television ads, billboards, banners, signs, yellow page ads, church bulletin ads and websites. Any marketing material that is an advertisement must follow the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines. See below for some direction in this area. Marketing Materials Guidance Branded vs. Generic Marketing Material Branded material — marketing material that contains carrier and/or product information (e.g., plan name, plan costs/benefits). Must be CMS approved. Generic material — self-created marketing material that is free of any plan or product information, brands or carrier logos (e.g., agent’s flyer for his/her business). Does not need to be CMS approved, but must comply with CMS guidelines. Note: MA and PDP carriers may allow use of their logo in certain circumstances such as websites, but agents must get carrier approval first. Required Disclaimers “Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.” — should be on all generic marketing materials “This is an advertisement” — is required for all mailers; must be on the front of the envelope or postcard If a phone number is listed on an advertisement, it must be obvious to the consumer they will be calling an insurance agent. If not obvious, must use a disclaimer like “Call 800-786-5566 to speak with one of our insurance agents today.” If you are trying to obtain Permission to Contact through a business reply card, there must be a statement informing the customer who will contact them and by what method. Recommended statement: “By providing the information above, I give permission for a licensed sales agent to contact me by phone or email to discuss Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans.” Prohibited Marketing Content Agent titles — CMS prohibits the use of the word “Medicare” and/or any language that implies additional knowledge, skill or certification above licensing requirements. Example — “Medicare Specialist”; “Medicare Advisor” Use of government symbols — Consumer facing material cannot mimic or resemble a CMS or government agency design. Use of symbols (e.g., American flag, eagle or Medicare ID card) is strictly prohibited. Websites/ Social Media Consumer-facing websites and social media are held to the same regulations as traditional marketing materials. CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines apply, as well as carrier rules. All websites and social media pages should be kept generic, should not post any plan or benefit information and should not use of carrier logos without prior approval. Websites Electronic business reply cards must adhere to the same regulations as traditional business reply cards. Website Registration Requirements — Agents are required to report any third party marketing or enrollment websites that include Medicare lead generation to the MA-PD carriers. Social Media A social media page is much like a website page. Agents CAN list the name and address of their business and indicate the type of product offered (e.g., Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement insurance plans, etc.) offered. Agents still have to be otherwise compliant with CMS rules, though (clearly identifies as a licensed insurance agent, has the necessary disclaimer “Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.” etc.). There are a few other limitations to keep in mind regarding unsolicited contact: CMS guidelines state that if an individual comments, likes or follows on social media, this does not constitute agreement to receive any communications. So a consumer liking or commenting on a Facebook page does not give the agent permission to contact. Agents must not reach out to potential clients with an advertisement through Facebook messaging. Agents are required to report social media pages to the MA-PD/Part D carriers, akin to reporting their other websites. Business Cards: Tips Governed by state law If you are listing carrier names or logos, you need carrier approval, and response time is often long and tough to get Identify yourself as an insurance agent or independent insurance agent Do not give off the impression that you are part of the federal government or state government MA guidelines do not apply if using business card in the traditional sense. But, if you post your business card like an ad in the newspaper or use it as a marketing piece than CMS marketing guidelines do apply. The business card may not be attached, i.e. stapled or paper clipped, to CMS approved marketing pieces or enrollment forms. It can be included in the envelope, though In CA, need license number on business card
  • How do I protect my clients from being auto disenrolled by MyCareOHIO?
    With every Medicare and MEDICAID client in the large metro areas in OHIO you MUST make sure to OPT your clients OUT of the MyCareOhio program ANNUALLY at time of their Medicaid effective anniversary date. Please follow the instructions on the form picking a MEDICAID provider, and then OPTING OUT for MEDICARE services, so you can enroll them in your plan. See below! Click here for the mandatory opt out client form
  • My Client is Losing Employer Coverage, "LEC" SEP, when can they use the SEP?
    This SEP exists for individuals who are losing group health coverage. Losses include the individual opting out of the Company/Group coverage during the employer’s annual benefit selection season, changes due to life events and discontinuation of employment or the Company/Group ceases to offer group health coverage. The SEP begins the month of the loss of coverage and continues for two additional months. The individual may choose a plan effective date up to 3 months after the month in which the individual completed the enrollment request.
  • What are the Categories of dual eligible beneficiaries and out-of-pocket costs that must be paid by Medicaid ? What is Medicaid Spendown?
    QMB (only) (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary) – Medicare Part A and Part B premiums; cost sharing for Part A & Part B benefits. QMB Plus – Medicare Part A and Part B premiums; cost sharing for Part A & Part B benefits; Full Medicaid benefits. SLMB (only) (Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary) – Medicare Part B premium. SLMB Plus – Medicare Part B premium; Full Medicaid benefits. QI (Qualifying Individual) – Medicare Part B premium. Other FBDE (Full Benefit Dual Eligible) – Medicare Part B premium; Full Medicaid benefits. QDWI (Qualified Disabled & Working Individual) – Part A premium.
  • For Medicare Supplements (Med Supps) what is the difference between OEP and GI?
    The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is a 6 month period where the client can buy any Medicare Supplement policy without being denied. The 6 month period begins in the first month the client signs up for Medicare Part B. During this time the client will not be denied for a Medicare Supplement policy or be charged more due to their health history. (Can enroll in ALL Medsupp plans available!) Guaranteed Issue (GI) in the Medicare Supplement terms is defined as the rights the client has in certain special situations when insurance companies are required to sell or offer the client a Medicare Supplement policy. An example of this is the Special Election Period that occurs when a person comes off of group coverage. (Cannot enroll in plans G or N without underwriting!)
  • Can my client try an Advantage Plan and have a guaranteed issue period to go back to Original Medicare or their Medicare Supplement?
    Yes! The CMS Trial Right gives clients the right to switch to a Medicare Supplement after a 12 month period of trying an advantage plan. Click here for CMS' explanation Two common examples: 1. ​You dropped a Medigap policy to join a Medicare Advantage Plan (or to switch to a Medicare SELECT policy) for the first time, you’ve been in the plan less than a year, and you want to switch back. (Trial Right) You have the right to buy : The Medigap policy you had before you joined the Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare SELECT policy, if the same insurance company you had before still sells it. If your former Medigap policy isn't available, you can buy a Medigap Plan A, B, C, F, K, or L that’s sold by any insurance company in your state. You can/must apply for a Medigap policy: - As early as 60 calendar days before the date your coverage will end - No later than 63 calendar days after your coverage ends 2. You joined a Medicare Advantage Plan or Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) when you were first eligible for Medicare Part A at 65, and within the first year of joining, you decide you want to switch to Original Medicare. (Trial Right) You have the right to buy any Medigap policy that’s sold by any insurance company in your state. You can/must apply for a Medigap policy: - As early as 60 calendar days before the date your coverage will end - No later than 63 calendar days after your coverage ends
  • How do I calculate PART D late enrollment penalty? And does it fluctuate year to year?
    Yes it CAN fluctuate year to year for your members based on the national average. Click here for direct link to calculating your members penalty. It's easy!
  • My client has Low Income Subsidy (LIS), how often can they change plans? Is it a valid SEP?
    It does qualify for a valid SEP. They can change plans monthly. Click here for guidelines and eligibility
  • I am newly eligible for Medicare because I have a disability (under 65). What can I do?
    Sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Your Medicare coverage begins 24 months after you get Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) disability benefits. When? During the 7-month period that starts 3 months before your 25th month of getting Social Security or RRB disability benefits and ends 3 months after your 25th month of getting disability benefits. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month after you ask to join a plan. If you join during one of the 3 months before you first get Medicare, your coverage will begin the first day of your 25th month of entitlement to disability payments. I am already eligible for Medicare because of a disability, and I turned 65. What can I do? Sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan and/or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Switch from your current Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to another plan. Drop a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan completely. When? During the 7-month period that starts 3 months before the month you turn 65, includes the month you turn 65, and ends 3 months after the month you turn 65. If you sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan during this time, you can drop that plan at any time during the next 12 months and go back to Original Medicare.
  • Can I say "Medicare" on my marketing materials?
    According to Section 1140 of the Social Security Act, it's forbidden to use the words or symbols including "Medicare," "Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services," "Department of Health and Human Services," or "Health & Humana Services" in a way that would indicate the approval, endorsement, or authorization of Medicare or any other government agency. Additionally, agents shouldn't use the word "Medicare" on their business card in any fashion that suggests they represent Medicare, like putting the words "expert," or "specialist" behind it.
  • I'm selling a Sagicor Single Premium Whole Life, how do I make the underwriting phone interview call?
    Call MRS Tele-Interview: (866)664-0083. Their hours are from 8am-9pm CT (M-F). Sat (8am-3pm CT). SUN (Closed). They do the rest. It's an incredibly easy process, with a stellar product.
  • How do I handle Agent Error Issues with Enrollment for Humana?
    Email MSOP - The Medicare Service Operation Support Team. MSOP Support is a dedicated email box to handle escalated customer service issues for agents, like : 1. Agent Errors Letters 2. Issues With Medicare Enrollment Email :
  • How do I do an Agent of Record (AOR) Letter for HUMANA Mapd and get the renewal commissions?
    Per CMS guidelines: the agent must submit - A dated member statement (ie simply: I want John Doe to be my agent) In the member’s handwriting Signed by the member Email copy to The statement must include the member’s ID number Or Medicare claim number New AOR SAN, Name, and Signature And effective date No form letter will be accepted Please format the email subject line as: " Medicare AOR Change Request – Monroe, Marilyn – 123456789A or Member ID " Within 4-8 weeks you'll begin getting paid monthly on their policies. It's a great way to service orphan clients and build your renewal stream!
  • How do I help seniors sign up for Veteran Benefits?
    Click here for enrollment instructions :
  • How do I sell Veteran's Year Round using SEP's?
    Humana has received questions regarding the SEP that is available to people, particularly Veterans, who want to disenroll from their Medicare prescription drug coverage to maintain or enroll in another type of creditable drug coverage, such as VA or TRICARE. Members who wish to enroll in or maintain other creditable coverage (such as TRICARE or VA coverage) may use the SEP-OCC to disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan with drug coverage (MAPD), a Medicare Supplement, or a stand-alone PDP. Additionally, individuals enrolled in an MAPD/PDP/Medicare Supplement plan who have or are enrolling in other creditable drug coverage (such as TRICARE or VA coverage) may use this SEP within 2 months of the disenrollment date to enroll in an MA-only plan. In this scenario, individuals may enroll in any available MA Only plan (HMO, PPO, or PFFS) because they are removing the Medicare PDP that would initiate the PFFS MA Only option requirement. Note: PDP members who want to enroll in an MA only PFFS plan with their Other Creditable Coverage need to first submit a disenrollment request from the PDP plan. After that, they can submit an application for an MA only PFFS plan using the SEP-OCC. MAPD members would be automatically disenrolled from their current plan when the MA only application is processed and do not need to submit a disenrollment request to their plan. Example: A veteran is enrolled in an MAPD with Humana and discovers that he can obtain his prescription drugs through the VA. Once qualified, he can disenroll from the MAPD plan, obtain VA Rx coverage, and enroll in an MA-only plan, as opposed to having Original Medicare.
  • What is Humana's Scope of Appointment Procedure?
    Agents should obtain the completed Scope of Appointment (SOA) at least 48 hours prior to any personal individual/ marketing appointment (e.g., in-home, conference call, coffee shop, etc.) to ensure the client understands the topics that will be discussed. If it is not practical for the agent to collect the SOA 48 hours before the personal individual/ marketing appointment, it should be taken as soon as possible up to the start of the sales presentation. SOA's taken just prior to the sales appointment must have documentation as to why it was taken at the time of the appointment. As always if any product is not clearly noted on the SOA, the agent will not be allowed to discuss that product or group of products during the appointment unless the beneficiary initiates a request to discuss them. If, during the course of the presentation, the agent feels other products would be beneficial to the beneficiary but the beneficiary does not request at the time to discuss, the agent must secure a new SOA and adhere to a required 48-hour waiting period, when practicable, before the products can be presented. A Humana Scope of Appointment can be executed one of four ways: Paper – Humana Barcoded Paper SOA forms can be ordered through Agent Support. Barcoded forms must not be photocopied, scanned, or reproduced in any way. Completed Paper SOA forms must be mailed to the address on the back of the SOA form for scanning and processing. Paper scopes can also be faxed in with the paper app to (877) 889-9936. Generic paper SOA forms can also be used, but the agent / broker then accepts the responsibility to retain the document for 10 years as required by CMS. MAPA – An SOA form can be taken in MAPA and signed with the digital signature pad. MAPA SOA’s are uploaded along with any enrollment forms by the agent. Each MAPA SOA receives an MAPA SOA ID number. IVR – An SOA can be taken through the IVR process on a recorded line. The IVR captures all required information through touch‐tone and voice recordings. Each IVR SOA receives an IVR Recording ID. Agents can three-way call into the IVR with the member and follow the prompts. The IVR phone numbers are: Delegated 1-866-945-4471 CarePlus 1-888-685-8606 Telesales – An SOA can be taken through the lead setting process by Humana Career Telesales Agents. The DMS scripting guides the Telesales representative though all required information. Each DMS SOA receives an IVR Recording ID and will be indicated on the lead.
  • What is the Pre-Enrollment Period During AEP and how do I write apps during this time?
    ​The Pre-Enrollment Period or Pre-AEP as we call it is October 1-14th. During this time agents can: Tell Medicare beneficiaries about the NEW MA & PDP plan benefits (after signing a scope of course) And take "PRE-Enrollments" How do I "pre-enroll" a customer? Every company is a little different, but the general rule of thumb is: Do the FULL compliant sales presentation DO NOT sign OR date the application CUSTOMER must hold the application until 10/15 (agents cannot be in possession of it) Then on 10/15 have a drop off party, or collect the apps from your clients It's critical to stay in touch with them! Its highly recommended to put a bright RED cover sheet on the Pre-Enrollment the client is holding stapled with your card with similar instructions : "DO NOT MAIL UNTIL YOU MEET WITH ME YOUR AGENT - JOHN SMITH - AT OUR APPLICATION DROP OFF PARTY 10/15/18 AT DUNKIN DONUTS AT 2PM AT THIS ADDRESS -----------. APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE. PLEASE CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS 888-000-0000" Etc. If the application is mailed in you could receive a violation depending on carrier When done properly, the Pre-Enrollment Period can be a GREAT way to gather clients and build a pipeline of apps to turn in 10/15 !
  • What fax page disclosure do I need to include on my cover page to be HIPAA compliant?
    ​CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Information accompanying this facsimile is considered to be confidential and/or proprietary business information. Consequently, this information may be used only by the person or entity to which it is addressed. Such recipient shall be liable for using and protecting our information from further disclosure or misuse, consistent with applicable contract and/or law. The information you have received may contain protected health information (PHI) and must be handled according to applicable state and federal laws, including, but not limited to HIPAA. Individuals who misuse such information may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties. If you believe you received this information in error, please contact the sender immediately.
  • What Is Kidney Failure?
    Kidney disease comes in five stages. Stage 5 (also known as end stage renal disease, or ESRD) is when kidneys function below 10 to 15 percent of their normal capacity. This essentially is known as kidney failure. Stages 1-4 are not considered End Stage and are eligible for Medicare Advantage Plans. Stage 4 kidney disease normally requires dialysis but is not considered "End Stage". ​ Further education available here : - -
  • I have Guggenheim annuity contracts maturing. How is that handled and what are my options?
    1. Guggenheim sends out anniversary letters 45 day's before the policy date anniversary. 2. Within 30 day's before the annual anniversary policy date you must submit 1035 exchange forms and all new application paperwork to Guggenheim. They will accept faxes at 317-229-6475. (Remember to call to confirm receipt) 3. On the anniversary day they will transfer the funds to the requested plan. 4. If you allow the automatic continuation "renewal", IE: of a 5 year MYGA into another 5 year MYGA you will receive 50% commission automatically. Guggenheim requests you call them and confirm what your client is planning on doing if they are changing into another annuity.
  • What is the new CMS Special Enrollment Period regarding non-U.S. Citizens?
    CMS has made available a new Special Election Period for those beneficiaries that were non-U.S. Citizens and became lawfully present in the United States. The beneficiary may use this SEP to request enrollment in any MA plan for which he/she is eligible, including an MAPD. This SEP begins the month the lawful presence starts and ends when the individual makes an enrollment request or two (2) full calendar months after the month it begins, whichever occurs first. Please note that individuals are not required to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status with the enrollment request, nor is Humana/CarePlus permitted to request such information or documentation. CMS systems will be queried to determine the lawful presence status of a non-U.S. citizen, including the start and, if applicable, the end date of the unlawful presence status of the individual. The application will be denied if the status is not reflecting in CMS’s system upon processing, and the beneficiary will need to get that information corrected/updated. What Does This Mean to Agents Agents are not to collect proof from the beneficiary in order to determine if they qualify for this new SEP. As agents objectively go through the various SEPs that are available to a beneficiary, agents may ask “Are you a non-U.S. Citizen who recently became lawfully present in the United States?” If the beneficiary says “Yes”, the agent may take that as verbal attestation, complete the enrollment application and submit to Humana/CarePlus for processing. On an enrollment application, agents must use SEP “OTH” and indicate the reason in the notes section: “Obtained lawful presence on <date>”. ( Issued 10/1/2015 )
  • What codes do I use for the Humana Scope of Appointment? (Scope Codes)
    F2F - Face to Face GCS - Guidance Center Seminar GCW - Guidance Center Walk-in INH - In Home Appointment OTH - Other RET - Retail Partner SEM - Seminar WAL - Walmart TEL - Telephonic
  • When is the HUMANA premium usually deducted for MAPD policies?
    ​Normally on the 3rd of each month.
  • What are the rules for Open Enrollment OEP?
    Open Enrollment Period (OEP) - January 1st to March 31st MA Plan Members can make a one-time election annually from January 1 through March 31 to switch MA plans (with or without drug coverage) or to disenroll from an MA plan and obtain coverage through Original Medicare (with or without a stand-alone PDP). In addition, newly eligible MA individuals who enroll in an MA Plan can use the OEP, but only during the first three months in which they have both Part A and Part B. Members enrolled in stand-alone PDP plans are not eligible for the Open Enrollment Period election because the OEP is only available to those enrolled in an MA plan.
  • How do I order Humana supplies, correct commissions, or who can tell me enrollment status, etc.?
    Go on page "Supply Central" on Agent Portal and select Humana to order supply.
  • How do my clients get their PART B paid for in Indiana?
    Qualifying Factors : • Single Hoosier - Monthly Income: $1,835 • Counted Assets: $7,280 total • ​Hoosier Couple - Monthly Income : $2,476 • Counted Assets: $10,930 total • Non Countable Assets : Home, Car, Burial Plot, $10,000 Burial expenses and Personal Items See if they qualify by calling : • SHIP 1-800-452-4800 • Medicare 1-800-633-4227 • Humana 1-866-561-5040
  • How do I handle Guggenheim Annuity contracts up for renewal?
    For Guggenheim contracts up for renewal if the client wishes to renew into a new guarantee period the agent must circle the term on the renewal letter (mailed to the client and CC to agent). Agents and clients receive a copy of this renewal letter. This will need to be sent in with an updated suitability form. If the client wants interest paid please also attached a signed letter requesting it along with the other documents.
  • Is Medicare different for me if I get it through the Railroad Retirement Board?
    Click here for the Top Railroad Benefit Questions & Answers!
  • How do I get leads?
    ​There are a number of ways to get compliant top tier leads. Check out our leads section for in depth expert insight! Click here to get started.
  • How do I correct an enrollment or application error for Humana?
    Fill out the Agent Statement for Enrollment Correction form and submit to Humana RSOS. Please ensure your subject line to is formatted correctly for accurate and timely processing. Subject Example : "Monroe, Marilyn – 123456789A – MEDICARE" REMINDER – Please only submit ONE AOR form per email to : You can check the status after submission by calling agent support at: 800-309-3163 . Click Here for MA & PDP Correction Form Click Here for MedSupp Correction Form
  • I'm new to working with these products, what do I need to do to sign up?
    The "Getting Started" page tells you all you need to know about getting compliant, contracted, and ready to sell. Filled with resourceful links, this page is a full action plan.

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