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WellCare/ Centene Allwell

2025 Certification Opens July 16, 2024

Training Resources:

Completing the 2025 Recertification case in Centene Workbench: 

  • Access by logging into your portal via the Single Sign-On portal, and select the My Credentials section. 

  • Select My Certification Cases

  • You will be prompted to (1) verify Demographic, Payment Information, and Selling States and (2) sign the 2025 TPME Agreement and W9.


Please Note: Licensed Only Agents and Dual Assignment Agents will not be prompted to update payment information. All agencies in addition to their principle 2025 TOME require a signature and 2025 TPME agreement. Please ensure if applicable, your agency also has a 2025 TPME signed. 

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