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HAP (Health Alliance Partners)

2025 Certification Date Coming Soon

HAP Medicare Certification Requirements:
Step 1: Complete 2024 Medicare Core and FWA training
Step 2: Complete the 2024 HAP Product Training and Exam
Step 3: Attend a Required In-person or Webinar Training

  • HAP will accept Miramar, AHIP, PinPoint, or NAHU for the Medicare core exam, still must complete HAP training on Miramar.

  • Miramar Medicare core training is currently not available. Once available, we will notify you. If you took Medicare core course with either AHIP, Pinpoint, or NAHU you can upload them and proceed to the HAP training. 

  • To complete this step, you need to login to

  • Please clear all cookies and enable pop-ups, instructions attached. Also use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge only

  • Once logged in you will click “register new program” and enter your registration PIN

  • In this step you will upload your 2025 AHIP, NAHU, or PinPoint certificate and proceed to complete the HAP training module and exam at no cost.

  • In the attached 2025 Miramar Training Helpful hints.pdf you will find additional instructions and tips for when using Miramar.

*opening the exam will count as attempt, please do not open unless you plan on completing the exam

  • All agents are required to attend a 2025 HAP Product Training webinar or in-person training. In-person will start in August followed by webinars in September.

  • A calendar of in person certification dates/locations will be sent out shortly to HAP agents.

All agents that want to sell 2025 HAP MA Products and/or receive renewal commissions on existing business MUST complete all the required courses and upload the appropriate certificates for those courses on an annual basis prior to selling new business for 2025.  

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