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2025 Certification Opens June 24th, 2024

2024 Training is now closed. 

Enrollment Prices for both AHIP members and Non-members is $175

In some states, starting 6.1.2024, digital and online educational courses are subject to taxation. If these new tax laws apply to your state, you'll see the charge at checkout. If you have any questions or concerns about the mandated charge, please reach out to AHIP's support team.

If you have already completed AHIP for 2025, you will need to log back into the AHIP account and complete CMS updates (there are 3) - this is VERY IMPORTANT! This will not disrupt your transfer to other carriers, but could impact your RTS. As always, be sure to log into each company and verify your RTS for 2025 before selling! 

Once the 3 updates are completed, there will be a link to attest to completion. Once done, you should see 100% showing. 

***Do NOT sign up direct. Register through Humana/AETNA/Allwell to get fully reimbursed after # sales. FYI if you are re-certifying you DO NOT have to complete Modules 1-3***

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